Word from the Ambassador Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdurahman al-Abdulla

In the name of God the most gracious and the most merciful.
It is a great pleasure to welcome the visitors of the website of the Qatar Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan. I wish that this website will assist as a space to offer all the visitors with the required info about the State of Qatar and the services of the Embassy. And grabbing this opportunity I would also like to mention the close relations between the two brotherly countries of Qatar and Tajikistan. Our mutual relations are continuously growing and unceasingly strengthening under the astute management of the heads of the both states. Opening of this website is nothing but a sign of support and documentation of these relations to deliver convenient amenities for the citizens of both countries and for residents equally bridging the State and its citizens residing in the Republic of Tajikistan. And this website will connect also the State of Qatar and the Republic of Tajikistan via offering useful info on various fields such as politics, economics, commerce and tourism of our country. And the website will serve as an interactive communications mean as well. And I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar for this website and all the technical staff for their hard work. May Allah the almighty reward them all.
And at the end I hope that you will like our website at our end we are fully ready to cooperate by answering all your inquires you may have via email.


Ibrahim Mohamed Abdurahman al-Abdulla

Information: Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Tajikistan since August 2018.

Academic Qualification

BA Political Sciences, University of Baghdad, Republic of Iraq, 1977

Work Experience:


  • 07/12/1977-06/03/1978 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 06/03/1978-26/06/1981Qatar Embassy/Tokyo
  • 27/06/1981-02/01/1983 General Cabinet of the Ministry
  • 03/01/1983-12/10/1985 Qatar Embassy/Baghdad
  • 13/10/1985-14/09/1987 Administration and Finance Department
  • 15/09/1987-27/08/1994 Qatar Embassy/Riyadh
  • 28/08/1994-20/08/1997 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 21/08/1997-25/09/1999 Qatar Embassy/Rabat
  • 26/09/1999-30/08/2002 CGC affairs
  • 31/08/2002-02/09/2003Qatar Embassy/Abu Dhabi
  • 02/09/2003-07/12/2003 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 08/12/2003-01/09/2008 Qatar Ambassador/Dhaka
  • 02/09/2008-30/01/2012 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 24/03/2012-27/11/2016 Qatar Ambassador /Nairobi
  • 28/11/2016-Ambassador at MFA.